Monday, August 6, 2012

Waiting in the strangest place - with Reese

It's odd for me.  And how Reese Peanut Butter cups help.  

I write this as the wife of the man whose body is failing him.  I write because he won't, because he originally asked to "not be the poster child for this disease...whatever it is", because I care with every breath of my being that he be around for his family for a very, very long time.   I write to understand, to share in order to help others, and to try to make some sense of the process.  

I breathe fine.  I work every day - all day, to ensure that life continues as it has been and always will be.  I do too much, and on days like today (extremely lazy and enjoying a holiday) feel like I do far too little.  Keith rests.  He does that a lot - and that is his job right now, to rest, eat, and get as much strength as he can for what lies ahead.   Could I be doing more?  Probably, but to burn myself out at this point doesn't make much sense.  

It's been a week since I wrote, and people have asked me many questions about what is going on, so an update.  We got a call on Monday last and an appointment has been scheduled for mid-September for Keith to have his assessment at TGH.  This is a 5 day process that:

"The assessment process is an in-depth review of your suitability for a lung transplant. As part of this process, multiple tests are carried out to evaluate your lungs and other organs such as your heart, kidneys, gut and liver. Usually, these tests take about one week to complete. Most people do these tests as outpatients. During this time, you and your support person(s) will also meet with many members of the lung transplant team such as the transplant co-ordinator, nutritionist, social worker, and anaesthesiologist to determine if you are physically and psychologically ready to manage with the stresses of a transplant." 

We had been told that this meeting might take 3 months to schedule so were pleased to get one in 5.  I guess at this point, we wait this 5 weeks, aim to put on at least 5 pounds in this time (huge feat, but the case of Reese Peanut Butter cups seems to be helping.  Yes, I know they contain dairy, but at this point, if Keith wants them and they don't make things worse (which for some odd reason they don't seem to) then that's what we do.  

In the meantime, I will continue to Tweet (@LHMaintenance) and post on Facebook.  Life continues to go on, and the prayers, good wishes and help are so appreciated.  Please send more Reese...the stock is running low!  :)  S

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  1. A slow process but I am very happy that progress is being made. I'm not one for prayer as most define it but you guys are in my thoughts. And yes, I am a donor.