Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How does it feel? An informal interview

The opportunity arose...

And we chose to pursue it.  Having met Rob Carew at TGH a few weeks back, we reached out to him by email a few times, and asked him if he would be open to meeting in person to discuss his experience with his recent double lung transplant.  

From a purely selfish level I think people can appreciate wanting to know as much about something like this as possible.  You research on the internet, watch YouTube videos (Keith has been doing this, I decline because I'm not good with that sort of thing) and read as much as you possibly can to understand it from every level.  Nothing, however, takes the place of sitting down with someone who has had this done recently, everything is still very fresh, and you can get a much better understanding of the actual "event" from someone who knows.

Sitting in Rob's living room was kind of surreal for me.  While I cannot speak for Keith, for me to listen to the story of his transplant, from first call to post surgery reactions, allowed me to picture the same scenario for Keith sometime in the near future.  While the details we heard were one person's experience, it was impossible to listen to and not imagine how the details will be for Keith.  Sometimes I try not to think about it, mostly, I can think of nothing else.    Thank you, Rob, for taking the time to meet with us and share your story.

Keith with Rob Alexander Carew

So many are asking how Keith is doing.  He has been doing well, is anxious for his assessment appointment in mid-September, and is slowly gaining some weight, an extremely important part of ensuring that he gets listed for transplant.  While his energy level is low, he does have a very motivational champion (me!) who pushes him to go a little further with each walk, keep his activity level raised and encourage him to get his heart rate up in order to build up the strength he needs for his operation when the time comes.

The beautiful weather of recent weeks has allowed us to spend lots of time sitting out front in our beloved Muskoka chairs (hey, we can dream right?) and enjoy the cooler breezes.  With fall right around the corner, and cooler weather on the horizon, we are looking forward to being able to enjoy time outdoors (the heat is not good for him right now) and maybe get some small walks in the neighbourhood.

Thank you, each and every one of you for your wonderful wishes, prayers, good thoughts, chocolate! (Thanks to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory who did a home delivery - the DELUXE Peanut butter cups were awesome) and home made chocolate goodies from our friends Stacy and Joe from Embur Computers.  So many of you have been so wonderful, and truly, we appreciate it very much.  


  1. Dear Keith and Sarah,
    May God Bless you and give you the strength to achieve your goal. I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Manuela,
    Thank you so much. An interesting journey that's for sure.