Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Hardcore Heroes of the Transplant Program at TGH

New Kids on the Block - Gangnam Style?

Something to aspire to
So, the drill now is, 3 times a week, Keith has to pump iron.  Technically, very small tiny pieces of iron, but more than he is used to.  He's the new guy in the physio room, still trying to figure out what clique he is going to fit into.  He needs to get his body in the best possible physical shape that it can be, in order to be healthy for his operation that could come any day.  Now, I know he ain't no Ron Burgundy, but he's trying to get there.  (I'm going to need a chest wig for this joke to work).  
And when he does, I'm going to have him dancing Gangnam Style with Hélène Campbell if she will.  Are you up to the challenge, Hélène?

Leg raises, knee tucks, killer treadmill 20 minute walks (with no breaks) and a series of arm motions, stretches and strengthening exercises are going to be a huge part of his life from now on.  The crazy thing, Keith was always super active!  This guy was blading across Toronto and back to Mississauga, cycling wherever and whenever he could (as a teenager, apparently this stopped when he discovered girls...) and playing hockey.  More recently, he was doing mission portages in Algonquin park to ensure the full on back country camping experience with me!
Big Trout Lake - Right in the middle!
Exercise has always been a big part of Keith's life, and will continue to be.  

Pretty soon, this (right) and this (below) will meet, and Keith will be back doing what he loves again.  

The wait is on.  Bring it.  

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  1. Sarah,
    I have every confidence that Keith will be dancing Gangnam style before you know it, and dragging you along as well!!
    Sad to have missed you at Blissdom, only realized you were there after the weekend! Hope you enjoyed yourself, I know I did and can hardly wait to meet in 2013.
    Sending good vibes your way!