Sunday, July 22, 2012

Jack Sprat and his wife - Remember them? FOOD post

It's actually a daily occurrence in my brain that this poem goes through my head - 

(I had to look up to make sure I got the words right)

Jack Sprat could eat no fat
His wife could eat no lean
And so betwixt the two of them
They licked the platter clean.  

It continues from there, but I thought I'd start my post this way to explain an interesting little phenom that surrounds this home right now.  Between Keith, who needs as many calories as is humanly possible in order to try to put some poundage on him, and me and two daughters who try to watch what we eat in order to keep our girlish figures, its a struggle.

A big part of what I am doing for Keith is encouraging him to eat the highest calorie meals, in small doses, frequently.  It's my dream, but I cannot live it - I have to watch.  Hence the paradox that relates to the above poem.

I thought I'd post about food, so I can tell what foods I am feeding him, and to ask for suggestions about what I can be doing differently.  A few points to note: Keith eats dairy free, as dairy exacerbates his mucous production and makes breathing that much more difficult.  Almond milk is beverage of choice, we use a product called Mimiccreme in our coffee (which is heavenly when you are dairy free and love cream in your coffee).  I cook from scratch about 80% of what we eat and try to purchase non GMO and organic to keep things as close to natural state as I can.  Olive oil features heavily in his meals (I add it to smoothies to increase calories - have one recipe that is a 1100 calorie smoothie - I give him at least one a day).

He gets cankers if he eats too many sweets, otherwise feeding him dairy free chocolate bars all day would be the answer.  I make a lot of soups, adding olive oil to his at the table.  He gets exhausted eating things that require lots of cutting, so I'm at the point of soups, stews and casseroles are best.  I want every calorie to count, and am looking for suggestions.  As long as they are dairy free, and soft to eat and easy to have on hand, I'd love the help.  He's tucking into my homemade hummus with soft flatbread and extra olive oil right now.

Please send me any and all suggestions you have for high calorie foods, snacks, drinks (not soft drinks - not ready for the gas leaks thank you very much) etc.  Thanks everyone, and once again, thank you for all your help!

Mine :(


  1. Pasta, cereals (even dry - I love dry cereal), bagels with lots of jams, tortilla chips, guacamole, doughnuts, french fries, Taco Bell anything, McD's anything, pizza (even with a smidge of cheese), etc.

    Stacey & Joe

  2. Did you ever think about Herbalife? Google it, get some info. I have a friend that used it to gain weight in a healthy way. Works perfect with dairy free milks.
    I used Herbalife for a number of years to minimize my thyroid problems when the doctors would not prescribe much needed meds.