Friday, January 29, 2016

3 years, 25,228,800 Breaths. These are the gifts that Keith has been given.

3 years ago...

I was sitting in a waiting room at Toronto General Hospital, waiting for the word that the surgery was done, and that I could go and see Keith.  

12 days before transplant.  
11 days before transplant
That day was one of the most peaceful days of my life.  I had been in a whirlwind for weeks, living with uncertainty and fear, but doing my best to keep things together - for everyone, but most of all, for Keith.  We were in a no mans land, living each day wondering what the next would bring, not wanting to say what we feared, but knowing that it could happen any time.

His body was done.  His lungs were done.  The doctors were pushing for ECMO and I was saying NO.  His will was strong, he was so determined to keep going, that I wanted him to keep and use his own lungs as long as possible, until his hero came along.

Days before transplant.  His body was shot. 

Dr. Hsin writing "L" and "R" on his chest!
Just to be sure the lungs were in the right spot!
On the evening of January 28th, the call came in.  There might be lungs.

What followed, from about 10 p.m. until 6 a.m. was a quiet evening in the ICU room, with visits from time to time from nurses and doctors saying that they still didn't know if everything was a "go".  At 5 in the morning, everything was confirmed, and Keith was prepped for surgery.

7 1/2 hours later, Keith was out of surgery and by 7:00 that night I was holding his hand.

Seeing him breathe again, knowing what had happened, knowing that he had been gifted with the most precious of gifts ever, filled me with so much emotion that it still brings tears to my eyes as I write this.

 Happy 3rd Lungiversary my darling husband.  Here's to 25,228,800 more breaths, and more after that.  Each one is a blessing.

Thank you, donor.
You too can be a hero.  Visit and register in Ontario.

Letter from Keith's donor's wife.  (who we
later met, along with the rest of his family)
Healthy, Happy, and loving life!

Written by Sarah Taylor 

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  1. Beautiful! This should touch so many hearts and convince people that registering for organ donation is a MUST DO! Thanks Sarah and Keith!